Black Mountain Michael Light

"The northernmost peak of the McCullough Range, Black Mountain, looms 5100 feet over a geologically typical Nevada basin 3000 feet below. The mountain has been popular for a long time: it’s graced with 318 prehistoric rock art panels showing some 1700 individual petroglyphs. Recently it became part of the 48,000-acre Sloan Canyon National Conservation area; a little less recently the basin below became the fastest growing city in the United States. Most recently, since 2008 and the worst American economic downturn since the Great Depression, Las Vegas has suffered the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rate in the nation. Emptied of people, it has frozen at exactly the point where its aspirational excesses were most baroque and unfettered. Las Vegas is the epicenter of a classically American strain of boom and bust capitalism. Historically the Silver State has always veered between the excess and collapse of the extractive mining industry, but air-conditioning, proximity to California, and the retirement lifestyle have brought another economy to Nevada that operates on the same maniacal principles: the habitation industry. In terms of their physical effect on the land, the extraction and habitation economies are two sides of the same coin."

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Limit to the Sky Romain Bucaille

"A photographic essay on architecture of balconies from different parts of the world. Lost in the deep blue of the sky, these balconies appear as alone, extracted from the building they’re attached to."

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Drunken Philosophers - Nathan Moshe Geller

Syracuse University (Jimenez Lai)


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Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘The Archive – A Study of Recollection’, 2014.


Hedvig Skjerdingstad, ‘The Archive – A Study of Recollection’, 2014.

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hat tip designboom

Combining PNEUmatic (air-inflatable) architecture with a noMADic ethos, the PNEUMAD enacts a form of anti-heroic desire to escape permanence, solidity and place-bound dwelling. Recalling the revolutionary-experimental fervor of 1968, but with 21st-century technical sophistication, PNEUMAD is prototype for nomads who want to spread out. The inflatable offers one distinct advantage - it is not limited by the dimensions and volume of the vehicle itself. 

(Fuente: smallandtinyhomeideas)

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Antonio Sant’Elia

My senior project in Architecture School owed a lot to this architect. For a brief while I became obsessed with the ideas and aesthetics that he taught. Antonio Sant’Elia was an Italian architect, that left no built legacy but was a key member of the Futurist movement in architecture. The manifesto Futurist Architecture was published in August 1914:


All the pseudo-architecture of the avant-garde, Austrian, Hungarian, German and American;

All classical architecture, solemn, hieratic, scenographic, decorative, monumental, pretty and pleasing;

The embalming, reconstruction and reproduction of ancient monuments and palaces;

Perpendicular and horizontal lines, cubical and pyramidical forms that are static, solemn, aggressive and absolutely excluded from our utterly new sensibility;

The use of massive, voluminous, durable, antiquated and costly materials.


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